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Darwi Air Dry Clay

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Designed in Belgium as a compound for the repair of ceramic and wood items, this clay is a perfect medium for sculptors, students and painters. Darwi is an air-dry clay with very little shrinkage as it dries to a hard finish within 24 hrs.

Darwi Air Dry Clay does not smell - the clay is flexible and semi-elastic.  It does not shrink when drying and is completely opaque.

 Whatever your project is, the fine grain makes it easy for modelling with a flawless result.  No baking is necessary for Darwi Clay.  They air dry under 24 hours per centimetre of thickness.  During drying, the clay does not shrink.   Once dry, it can be shaped using a scalpel or simply sanding. 

Classic Air Dry Clay - Self-hardening white modelling clays with different uses to match your needs.  Available in 250gm and 1kg pack.

Extra Light Air Dry Clay - Extra light, white modelling clay that can be engraved, impressed and work to create 3D decorations.  Available in 160gm pack.