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IOD Decor Ink

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IOD by Prima Decor Ink is the perfect ink for any surface. This multi-surface ink can be used for stamping, inking, dying and more. Use it on walls, fabrics, paper and more surfaces. ...

 FABRIC -Recommended for natural fibres such as: cotton, linen and flax. Heat set with iron for about 30seconds, continually moving iron to prevent scorching.

For a naturally worn vintage look, do not heat set buy, instead, set in a hot dryer for 30-60 minutes before washing. The end result will be a softly faded, but lasting result.

WALLS - Suggested for best use on flat and satin walls. May also be used on semi-gloss walls. Allow longer drying time (drying time depends on surface and ink application.)

FURNITURE - Suggested for use on flat and satin-painted furniture, as well as bare wood.

PAPER - Of course you can use IOD Decor Ink on your favourite paper crafting projects.