Madam Soy Candles

  • $33.00


How chronic depression, a stay in a mental institution and the rejuvenating power of fragrance lead to the start of something beautiful – The Madam Candle Company.

Adam, the co-creator of the Madam Candle Company, was diagnosed with chronic depression and major anxiety in 2016. While hospitalised Adam discovered the power of the mind and the magic of fragrance could transport him to happier times. That’s when he and his partner Michael started crafting hand poured candles so others could enjoy the transformative power of fragrance.

A bit about the Madam Candle Company

Madam is a playful take on the founder’s names Michael and Adam. Friends coined the name years ago and it stuck. The pair combines their love of candles and fragrance with their passion for all things vintage as they hand make and pour their candles in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The 100% eco-soy wax candles are lovingly poured into authentic Mason jars and square tumblers. To finish off the packaging the tags are hand dyed, the wax seal is applied by hand and vintage typewriter font is used for the product name.


Michael + Adam = Madam