Mandles - Mens Candles

  • $30.00

Bespoke hand-made and poured natural soy wax candles in vintage, masculine, chunky tumblers.  

This candle is made for the men in your world! We only use wood wicks for this fragrance as we feel this compliments it perfectly.


Top Notes: - Bergamot and lemon peel.

Middle Notes: - Patchouli, cedarwood & oakmoss.

Base Notes: - Tonka bean, vanilla and spicy cardamom.

Imagine: You are trekking through the forests in Goa, India. The rich scents captivating your every being. Finishing off with a dive into the crisp, fresh waterfalls. The richness of the woods surrounding you.


Top Notes: - Cinnamon, leaf, bergamot, nutmeg and incense.

Middle Notes: - White Cedar, spiced honey, geranium and lavender.

Base Notes: - Patchouli, dark vanilla, amber and sandalwood.

Imagine : You are hiking in the Lake District of England, the fresh crisp air, the water in the distance and inhaling the forest around you.


An invigorating masculine blend with lively citrus top notes of lemon zest, bergamot with aromatic and herbaceous coriander and basil entwined with strong woody notes of vetiver, sandalwood and the spicy black peppercorn. 

Adam's experience :- For Adam this fragrance takes him back to the time when he was staying in a log cabin in the woods. The fragrant smells of the woods, the crispness of the air outside and the warmth of the crackling wood fire inside.


Sheer opulence Leather & Oudh is a warm & woody scent with deep rich aromas from far across the globe. Oudh wood has it's own unique spicy odour naturally and when coupled with the right amount of leather, elemi & bergamot it produces a wonderfully mysterious masculine aroma; intoxicating to those close.

Adam's experience :- For Adam this fragrance takes him back to opening a very old leather bound book and sticking his nose right in the middle, with that old book smell. 


Don't forget, to avoid smoking from the candle to always trim the wick to at least 5mm or 1/4 inch. 


  • Natural soy
  • 100% Double Ply Wood Wick
  • 500 grams (including the jar)
  • 36+ hours burn time

Once you've enjoyed the candle, the tumbler is re-usable! Give the jar a good clean using hot soapy water and ensure the base of the wick is removed too. Then it's ready for a beautiful Scotch or Whiskey.