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MMS Milk Paint Bonding Agent

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Milk Paint Bonding Agent allows Milk Paint to adhere to metal, glass and painted, varnished or lacquered surfaces.  Bonding Agent is a water-based concentrated acrylic emulsion.

How to use this product:
Shake well before using.  For optimum adhesion, clean the surface to be painted with a product like Sugar Soap and sand lightly to roughen the surface and give some grip.  Always test adhesion before applying to a large area.

To use with Milk Paint:  
Mix one part of Bonding Agent to one part of Milk Paint already mixed.  Mix your paint thicker for better coverage.  Wait 2 hours between coats and for optimal results use 3 or less coats.To use as a primer for water-based paints:

Apply a thin layer of Bonding Agent with a paint brush or roller.  Let dry for 2 hours before applying paint.

This product contains no solvents or VOC's and is almost odourless.  Clean brushes and tools with warm, soapy water.  Protect from freezing.