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Sun Mandala - MSL 691

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Sun' Mandala

The 'Divine Rejuvenator'
This Sun Mandala represents life, energy, strength, intelligence, vision and clarity. Radiating light and life within you, bringing out the best in you to offer the best in you. Feel the warmth of this sun mandala helping you to feel happy in your heart center, clearer in your mind and thoughts, and have the energy and strength to move forward courageously and positively.  Place this Mandala on area you can see everyday and focus upon it when you feel you are needing these qualities in your life.

Matching stencils are #733 Tile and #734 Border and Corner
If you would like all 3 of these as a package, please send us a message in the required sizes of each and we will gladly work out a great package price for you.

**Custom Size: Cutout is a section cut of the Mandala and will vary on request, this is the maximum sheet size to allow for cutout. Please message or email prior to ordering this size for confirmation.