Paint Your Own Piece with FUSION MINERAL PAINT – Painting 101 Workshop

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Not sure where to start? Come along to our Fusion Mineral Paint beginners workshop and learn the basic fundamental do's and don'ts when it come to painting.

When:            Sunday August 4th From: 10am-1pm

Where:           VEND Market Place – 1768 Sandgate Road, Virginia,                                       QLD 4014

Cost:             $95 includes one 500ml pot of Fusion Mineral Paint in                                       your choice of colour (does not include metallics)

  • Learn the difference between Chalk, Milk and Mineral Paint  
  • Use different brush types and see what works for you
  • Practice applying glazes for different effects
  • Try a large  range of decorative waxes
  • See how to layer and wet distress using wax   
  • Receive tips and tricks on prepping and painting techniques
  • Learn to apply Tough Coat Sealer

     What you need to bring:

    Please bring along a small piece of furniture to paint on the day.  Some examples are a small stool, wooden tray, lamp base, picture frames, a small coffee table etc.  Please don't bring anything large as they rarely get finished in time.  

    Anything requiring major prep work e.g. flaking and peeling items, glossy surfaces, stained or dark woods that have the potential to bleed through the prep should be done beforehand as there is simply not enough time to do this on the day and complete your project. 

    If you're not sure about your piece, feel free to email or text me a photo  prior to the class to  or  0408 193959 and I can let you know if it is suitable.  Please also call if you have any questions I can help you with.