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Re-design Paper Clay

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Re-design Paper Clay is a versatile air dry clay that provides an array of home decor and craft uses making it he perfect medium for all your projects.  Moldable and great for creating finely detailed pieces for decor applications.  compared to traditional clay, air-dry clay is quick drying, it hardens and cures at room temperature.  Once dry it can be altered, painted and decorated to fit your custom decor and craft applications.


Air Dry Clay comes in an air tight sealed package.  However, due tot the nature of the product and depending on he environment it may dry out slightly.  If this occurs, simply add and knead a few water droplets to re-activate and bring it back to it's original consistency.

During use, if clay over-dries, simply mist water onto in-progress project to prevent drying.

For storage, be sure to return unused clay to original air tight container , and keep it stored in a cool dry place.

To speed up the drying process, paper clay can be placed in a 250 degree oven for 15 minutes

1 KG (35.27oz)