About Us

Hello everyone! I want to quickly introduce myself and my brand... 
I am Bev, the owner of Rescue Recycle Reuse.

We are based in Queensland, Australia. 


I'm an advocate of repurposing things to help reduce carbon footprints we leave here on our beautiful earth. I recycle and redesign furniture and homewares to give them a second life, but most of all I love showing others how to use all these wonderful products to create their own masterpieces.  It is so rewarding watching customers as they gain confidence and explore their own artistic avenues.  I absolutely love seeing what they create as they gain confidence in their skills.
I also have other crafting hobbies other than flipping furniture. You can check my video tutorials on my YouTube Channel
or catch me live on our Facebook Page
You can ask me about anything artsy! 
I really love nature and animals that's why I also opt to do things and hobbies that help them in all sort of ways. i'm also a beekeeper, they produce 100% natural honey which we sell in our shop.  I started to sell them in Honeycomb rounds too, which is another side venture I am working on Fusionhoney.com
My Eumundi Shop is filled with crafting and painting tools for everyone! I have small companions with me during my store hours... Kobi and Inde, my dogs. They are excited to meet you too! 
You can ask me anything you wanted to know about furniture painting when you pay me a visit. I'm always happy to help! See you around! ♥