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EFEX Appliques and Mouldings

  • Lightweight for quick and easy instillation
  • Ready for paint and faux finish
  • Modeled after original historical patterns and designs
  • How To Use Efex

    By simply adding a few appliqués  you can transform almost anything!

    • Restore furniture such as dressers, sideboards, and beds
    • Decorate small decorative boxes
    • Make over the top of frames
    • Restore a period home back to its original style
    • Redecorate your kitchen and range hood or change your fireplace mantle
    • …the possibilities are endless!

    1 – Design your project. Take a little time to pick out the pieces you like, and then follow the old adage…measure twice, cut once.

    2 – Fit the mouldings before gluing and cut them to size. Remember, you can stretch Efex about 2% in many directions. You can hold the appliqués on with tape to see what they will look like before adhering them.

    3 –   Mark and cut your moldings to size. Use a sharp knife, such as a X-Acto or utility knife or scissors to cut.

    4 – Glue on with a contact adhesive. In NZ, we recommend Ados F2 Contact Adhesive, Holdfast H2 Stick-It Contact Adhesive, or Gorilla Clearbond Adhesive. Apply adhesive to both the piece you are working with and to the back of the appliqué. Once the glue is  dry to the touch, in about 15 or 20 minutes, press the two together. Note: all brands of contact adhesive come with manufacturer’s instructions…please read them! You can clean up the glue with mineral spirits on a rag if you want cleaner edges. Otherwise, when the glue is completely dry, which will vary depending on glue used, humidity and drying temperature, you can start finishing your project.

    5 – When your glue is dry, let your inner creative self out! Paint, stain, guild, crackle, wax, finish with your favorite technique.  The possibilities are endless, so get started today!

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