How To Make a $2.50 Brush Cleaning Holder

How To Make a $2.50 Brush Cleaning Holder

A few weeks ago i wrote about how to care for your brushes.  This is just a quick follow up on a cheap but effective way to make a brush holder so you can suspend your brushes in water overnight so the paint residue in the bristles dilutes and leaves the brush, settling to the bottom of the container.

Firstly grab yourself a pool noodle from the cheap shop or similar.  I found them for $2.50.

Have your rinsing bucket handy.  You don't want anything too deep or you will have to have too much water in it to reach the brushes and too shallow will have the bristles touching the bottom which is what we don't want.

Step One - cut pool noodle to size

Cut a piece of noodle so there is a good amount hanging over each end of the bucket.



I made 3 size holes for different sized brushes in mine.  The first one is easy as it is small and round and easy to just slowly push through the noodle while twisting to make a nice firm hole to grip the handle.

The second is a little wider.  So start the same way as the first to make a small hole, then made a cut with the steak knife and inserted the larger brush twisting slowly to increase the hole.

I like to keep a brush in the first hole for reference, with the end just touching the bottom of the table while doing this as otherwise it can be easy to go off course and put the second hole in crooked.

For the third hole, which is significantly larger, I used a sharp steak knife to cut a cross section in the noodle from both ends , adjusting until it fit the larger flat handle brush snugly.

Now after rinsing your brushes, just slide your brushes into the snug holes and suspend in clean water overnight to remove all those paint remnants from the ferrule.  

You can have one for rinsing and one for drying your brushes.

Brush Holder


Happy Painting :-)


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