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Aussie Wonderfoils

Aussie Wonderfoils

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Available in 7 Scrumptious Design Collections



Mother's Pearls

Aztec Candy

Black Lace

New Year Sparkle


Each Pack contains 10 x different design rolls

Each roll is 4cm x 100cm (1.57x39.37")

Use with Aussie Wonderfoils Size Glue


1.  Make sure your project is clean and dry.  Ensure the surface area on your project has been sealed with a water based sealer, which has been left to dry overnight, before appylying the Aussie Wonderfoil.

2.  Apply Aussie Wonderforil Size (glue) to the area you want to apply the Wonderfoil.  You can thin the zixe glue 2 parts glue to one part water, mix well.  This is good if you need a more fluid application.  Apply in a freehand manner or through a stencil.  Make sure to clean your stencil straight away.

3.  Let the size dry so that it is clear and tacky.

4.  .Once the Size is tacky, ( it will look miore opaque)  place the Wonderfoil SHINY PATTERNED SIDE UP, over the areas where you have used the size.

5.  Rub the shiny side of the Aussie Wonderfoil using our dry rub black tool, or something similar, all over the area you have applied the size too.

6.  Lift away the Aussie Wonderfoil and check the transference.  If you want to add more foil or you have missed a spot, lay the foil down again and rub one more.

7.  Seal with a water based sealer only
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