Collection: Fusion Prep & Finishing

Our stain and finishing oils are amazing and can be mixed together to blend different tones.   Once cured  (after about 10 days) they will give more protection than just oil alone.

Video: How to Use All-in-One Stain & Finishing Oil

The clear SFO is also recommended for using over darker colours if you wish an extra layer of protection on surfaces such as tabletops. 

Video: How To Use Natural (Clear) Stain & Finishing Oil

Hemp Oil is the perfect product to feed your natural timber surfaces and keep them in tip top shape.  It can also be applied over fusion paint to give a slight sheen.

Video: How To Use Hemp Oil For A Natural Wood Finish

Tough Coat Wipe on Poly is a water based sealer recommended for applying over lighter colours should you need extra protection.  I also use it to seal my transfers if they are on table tops or areas where they will receive more use.

Video: How to Apply Fusion's Tough Coat™ Matte Wipe-On Poly

Fusion Prep & Finishing