How To Use NEW H2O Transfers

How To Use NEW H2O Transfers

H2O Transfers are perfect for beginners and those new to Decor Transfers®. They are easy to use and nearly everyone already has the tools needed at home.

Here are some tips and tricks for using H2O Transfers®

    1. Test your paint first before applying an H2O Transfer®. These transfers are water activated, meaning that water will be applied to the piece you are working on. If the paint you used will be reactivated by water (common with paint that contains a high amount of clay such as some brands of chalk paint) or the surface may show water damage, seal with a water-based satin polyacrylic first.
    2. H2O Transfers® should NOT be used on top of wax finishes. However, you may seal transfers with wax or polyacrylic.
    3. Ensure your surface is completely dry and the paint fully cured. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for your paint of choice to ensure total dryness. Note that humid environments may need more time
    4. Use a mister, paintbrush, sponge, wet paper towel, etc to apply the water, concentrating it on the paper backing area.
    5. Designs are rich and vibrant but show up the brightest on light backgrounds. If you would like a more muted effect then choose a dark paint color


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