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Dixie Belle

Baja Gray - SILK All-in-one Mineral Paint

Baja Gray - SILK All-in-one Mineral Paint

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Can't decide between a white or gray? Baja Gray is a calming balance between two neutrals that will enhance a breezy feel to your home decor. Baja Gray is a light gray that can be easily blended with any other paint shades. 
A Soft Grey, similar to Dixie Belle Paint Driftwood
16oz (455ml)


Paint Color:Black

Step 1:Degloss with a light scruff sanding.

Step 2:Clean with Pristine Clean and rinse with clean water.

Step 3:Apply Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint with dry DBP Synthetic Brush.

Step 4:Allow piece to dry for 4 hours before applying second coat.

Paint Sprayer:Use 1 oz. Floetrol per 16 oz. Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint.

Recommended Products:Pristine Clean, Sanding Sponge, Synthetic Brush, Extra Coat, Scrubby Soap.

Dry Time:1st coat- 4 hours, Second coat- 24 Hours.

Cure Time:21-30 Days.

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