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Barnes Epoxyglass

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 Finish off your tabletops or trays with this amazing high gloss resin. Watch the video on how to use below. 

EPOXYGLASS is a two part ultra clear epoxy resin used by professional artists Australia wide. EPOXYGLASS is easy to use with an equal part ratio. This clear epoxy resin has added UV Stabilizers designed for coating almost anything such as resin art, mosaics, photographs, tabletops and more. We've even made a resin table top! We recommend to test coating EPOXYGLASS before using on you precious pieces to ensure you're happy with the result. Epoxyglass produces an an ultra crystal clear epoxy resin effect

EPOXYGLASS can be easily coloured with Barnes opaque pigments and translucent dyes. You can also use our beautiful range of metallic powders, DayGlo PowdersGlitz glitters or the Pearlex range.

See how to use EPOXYGLASS here