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Beginners Brush Bundle

Beginners Brush Bundle

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 So you've decided to paint something, but not sure where to begin in regards to paintbrushes?  Here's a handy bundle to get you on the right track!

5 brushes and a brush soap, to give you all you need to complete almost any project, and also allow you to experience different types and brands of brushes. These synthetic brushes are suitable for either chalk or mineral paints.

Cling On O35 - This is a great brush for larger pieces - oval in shape it can hold and apply more paint, cutting down on your time and potential brush strokes.

Dixie Belle Flat synthetic Brush - A favourite of mine with its short handle, especially when using a brush to apply top coats, and great for getting straight lines on edging etc.

Brushkeeper 10 -  This size is perfect for smaller detailed areas like trims or small projects to get a precise finish.  These are fabulous inventions. No need to cover your brush in plastic to stop it drying out between painting sessions.  With these, you can just pop the brush back into the cover, and when it comes time to clean up at the end, simply wash out your brush, then fill the cover with water and stand your brush in it overnight, and see how much paint still comes out from high up in the bristles.

Dixie Belle Premium Chip Brush - This cheaper, versatile brush, is a great side kick.  Perfect for when you need that extra brush to add colour if you are blending and great for apply decoupage mediums or glue, when you don't want to compromise your more expensive brushes.

Madeline Mini Wax Brush - This mid-size natural bristle wax brush will get you going on small to mid-sized projects. To store your wax brush between uses, wipe off excess wax and keep it in an airtight zip lock bag to stop the wax hardening on your brush.

Dixie Belle Scrubby Soap - Great for removing paint from your brushes and your hands.  The built-in soft scrubber makes an easy job of cleaning up, just add a little water, and use it in the container or pop it out to use and simply store it back in the container when finished. Choose from Orange, Lemon/Lime or Lemon.

Now you're set to tackle almost anything and you've saved an awesome 15%




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