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Dixie Belle

Belles & Whistles | Old Postcard - A3 Rice Decoupage Paper

Belles & Whistles | Old Postcard - A3 Rice Decoupage Paper

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Measurement: A1 11.7" x 16.54"

Transform your DIY furniture makeovers with our Old Postcard decoupage paper, infusing a vintage charm effortlessly. Explore endless possibilities with this high-quality decoupage paper, your go-to choice for all furniture makeover and decoupage needs.

1 Sheet - 11.7" x 16.54"

How to Use

Step 1:Non-Painted surfaces clean with White Lightning and rinse with clean water.Note:If applying on a painted surface clean piece with damp lint free cloth.

Step 2:Once dry apply Dixie Belle Clear Coat.

Step 3:While still wet place decoupage paper.Step 4:Apply another coat of Dixie Belle Clear Coat on top of the decoupage paper and allow to dry completely.

Recommended Products:White Lightning, Clear Coat, Synthetic Brush, Scrubby Soap

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