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Rescue Recycle Reuse


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  • Professional quality
  • Soft synth if bristles for perfect results
  • Suitable for water-based paints paint (acrylic) or turpentine (alkyd)
  • Automatically cleans itself in a few days
  • Ergonomic, light with good grip
  • Environmentally friendly - saving on brushes. Recyclable stainless steel and wood,unpainted handle, very smooth


  • Convenient storage of paint brush, up to 5 days
  • Fill with water or turpentine (as per paint used) and it automatically cleans itself in a few days
  • Handy for climbing ladders or for transportĀ 
  • Handy lip can catch drips when painting at high angles
  • Protects bristles for excellent smooth results
  • Environmentally friendly - recyclable PET. Saving on brushes, turpentine, chemical waste and plastic


For Ā a break during paint jobs (up to 5 days) insert brush without cleaning into brush-keeper. Ā To continue, remove withĀ ļ»æROTATINGĀ ļ»æmovement and start painting again.Ā 
For longer periods, first roughly clean the brush on paper. Fill with water or turpentine as required to 3/4 (hairs must be wholly in the liquid). Ā In a few days it will be clean. To speed up cleaning, just shake.