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Redesign with Prima

Cece Glaze - Tigers Eye - 1 jar, 4 oz

Cece Glaze - Tigers Eye - 1 jar, 4 oz

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1 jar, 4 oz

A wash that will create shadows that shimmer, while enhancing details and adding dimension. Apply easy-to-use finishing glazes to painted or stained, and sealed surfaces to create a dramatic finish. Add instant moodiness to any surface dimension or detail. The glaze will create shadows, and enhance the dimensional details of Decor Moulds, trims, frames, mirrors, carvings, and ornamentation on nearly any project.  Finishing glaze will add interest and depth to flat surfaces, or those with less detailing!

To Use:

  1.  Prepare clean surface, dry treated areas, and use glaze on sealed, non-porous surfaces.
  2.  Work in small sections, getting glaze into intricate details using a pouncing motion.
  3.  Wipe away excess glaze with cloth, misting surface with water if needed.

Artist Collection: Cece Restyled
Release Date: Jan 2024

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