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Cling On Brushes

Cling On Brushes! - Round, Oval, Flat & Bent

Cling On Brushes! - Round, Oval, Flat & Bent

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Cling On! Brushes are top-of-the-line synthetic brushes for water-borne paints. Designed by a pro and handmade in Holland, they feature soft & durable DuPont filaments, stainless ferrule, and beechwood handle in 6 shapes.

Features: strong & gentle; durable; shape retention; use with all water-based; easy to clean; minimal brush marks & smooth finish.

Caring: Do not remove strings at base of round & oval; soak in water 20 mins before 1st use; refresh water daily; store in brush keeper w/ bristles in water, no touching bottom.


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