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Coasters Boho Bees S/4

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 Coaster packaging is not classed as 'gift' boxed and is not claimable if damaged.
Coasters are an important element in keeping your well-used table surfaces free from stains that usually result from food spillages as well as moisture residue. The material itself which in this case is ceramic makes the look classy and chic promising insulation from heat and moisture-while the delightful pattern is boho chic and very modern in its appeal albeit using a rather vintage appeal.

Coasters can be a great means of introducing colour patterns and a theme into the space and when they come in a delightful set such as this you can expect a touch of class and sophistication to be added quite easily. The coasters are round with 9 cm diameter which makes them as suited for bowls and small plates as they would be for jugs mugs and cups. Place them at the dining table, your study table or the coffee table where many conversations and discussions are held with your favourite beverage in hand. A simple means of ensuring the reduction in the arduous task of cleaning up after using the space. The coasters are easy to wipe clean and will show their gorgeous springtime-inspired design in their most beautiful details in spite of much usage, delicate colour usage and fine print of the graphics adds to its rather attractive presence on tables.
    • Material: Ceramic
    • Size: 9x9cm