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Coasters Groovy Cats S/4

Coasters Groovy Cats S/4

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Coaster packaging is not classed as 'gift' boxed and is not claimable if damaged.
The ceramic is bound to keep the table tops well insulated while the groovy cats in their resplendent colours and dramatic moods will keep your conversation going with their animated presence. Keeping table tops clean, stain-free and looking their best got a lot easier with this essential accessory for any space where you like to relax with your favourite beverage. Its dimensions also make it suitable for use on the dining table as well.

Made from ceramic, the set has four super animated depictions of cats in multifarious moods and postures bringing colour, chicness and a modern twist to the look of the space. These tile-like coasters have been crafted from porcelain which adds to their delicate and refined look. The inspiration being as enigmatic as the cat can only render it all the more unique. The four coasters sport different depictions on their upper face. The coasters will provide ample protection to table surfaces from the heat singing of the polish and from saving them from food or moisture stains alike. the ceramic surface itself can be easily cleaned and ready for its next use in no time. The boho chic pattern adorning the fur cats makes them utterly endearing and pretty much the conversation starter at the table.
    • Material: Ceramic
    • Size: 9.5x9.5cm

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