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Redesign with Prima

Distressed Floral Prints - Re-design Stamp

Distressed Floral Prints - Re-design Stamp

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Distressed Floral Prints - Clearly Aligned Decor Stamp by Redesign with Prima

Sheet Size is 30.48x30.48cm (12x12inches)

Re·Design with Prima® introduces, Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps™! Our new Decor Stamp® features customised, printed designs on the clear acrylic stamp itself. The very first of its kind, this fabulous feature allows you to clearly align your stamp for perfect placement, while also preventing over stamping and misalignments. Seeing the pattern clearly, without inking the stamp first, is especially helpful when creating repeat patterns. Create unique and versatile stamped designs on a variety of surfaces, while stamping your projects PERFECTLY each time!

Stamps can be used with the corresponding ink pads or any paint color you choose!

Great with chalk paste for a little more texture.

You can also layer them.

Use them with fabric paint on your materials or leather

Don't use the ink on anything you may wash like clothing


Food Safe, so you can also use on your biscuits, fondant etc. or press into your fondant or dough to get an imprint.


Find out all about them and the different ways to apply in the Videos below

Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps™:

Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps™ 101:
Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps on Furniture:
Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps with Gold Ink:
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