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Dixie Belle Glazes

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Dixie Belle Glaze 4oz (118 ml)

Create depth and definition with Dixie Belle’s Glazes

Black may start out looking blue, but will dry to a beautiful rich black, trust us!

This is the perfect glaze to add that little bit of shine to accent your piece. 

White Wash is the perfect glaze to add that little bit of shine to accent your piece.

Van Dyke Brown is a warm, earthy brown creating a worn, aged look

Grunge is perfectly dirty and grimy looking. It's also our best selling glaze! How to use Dixie Belle Glaze:

Copper Bronze adds a hint of copper with some bronze undertones, very old world feeling

Gold Shimmer is cool and understated, but you can layer it on and really glam it up!

Pearlescent is colorless but shimmery. Use if you want to add a subtle shimmery shine whatever you're painting

Sapphire Pearl is a blue toned shimmery glaze. Use over any teal or blue to get a watery feel and movement!

Hi Ho Silver adds a hint of silver creating the perfect blend of sophistication and charm

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