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Dixie Belle

Dixie Belle Paint - Smooth Roller Kit

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One applicator wand and two smooth rollers

Introducing the Ultimate Poly Ether Foam Paint Roller – Elevate Your Painting Game!

Tired of streaks and discomfort during painting? Our Poly Ether Chemical Resistant Foam Paint Roller is your solution:

 Soft & Precise: Achieve flawless finishes effortlessly with its soft, even application.

 Comfortable: Say goodbye to aching hands and wrists with superior cushioning.

 Built to Last: Moisture and chemical-resistant for long-lasting performance.

 Versatile: Ideal for walls, ceilings, and furniture – adapt to any task.

Upgrade your painting experience today. Get the Poly Ether Foam Paint Roller and paint like a pro! Your masterpiece awaits!