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IOD - Ginger & Spice 6x10 Decor mould

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Single mould: 6" x 10" with 8 unique Ginger & Spice mould

Let your creativity 'bake' with this IOD Ginger & Spice Mould by Iron Orchid Designs! This unique DIY mold has all the holiday essentials - a gingerbread family, their Scottie dog, and pieces of candy to help you whip up festive cheer like no other. Feelin' the Yuletide spirit? Get crafty! 🎅🏻

FOODSAFE:  The IOD Moulds are made from food safe materials (do not use the same set for food and crafts), and can be used to transform and create baked goods, furniture, soaps, jewelry, and just about anything you can think up in that creative brain of yours.

IOD Moulds can be used with many different mediums. We will cover the two most common here. Every medium has its own characteristics, challenges, and virtues.

  • Air dry clay or paper clay: Remove from mould while moist; adhere w/ glue. For vertical surfaces, use low-tack tape.
  • Casting resins: I recommend Easycast Fast Set Polyurethane; no shrinking/warping; conform to curved surfaces if removed before hardened. Usually no release necessary; if sticking happens, light dust w/ cornstarch.