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Keyring Bee Gem

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Bee lovers make an exhaustive list of what honey is used for. These Nature lovers agree that bees are indeed remarkable. Bees are responsible for pollinating two of life's incredible pleasures, coffee and chocolate. This is why the endearing creature a favourite among others. Keyring Bee Gem pays encomium to the awesomeness of bees. This custom-made piece is relatively small-sized, lightweight with emboldened impression. A keyring is an excellent way to express a person's distinct style and individuality.

One of the first things we look out for daily is our set of keys. Key-rings make finding a set of keys easier. It features an extraordinary gem piece for quick identification. Expressions like "a hive of activity", and "busy as a bee" has been attributed to bees. All bees are productive, smart, hardworking and never getting sidetracked from their goal. Keyring Bee Gem is suitable as a symbolic token of appreciation for hardworking employee, friends and loved ones. This item could also be a source of inspiration to others.

    • Material: Metal
    • Size: 5x3.5cm + chain