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Redesign with Prima

Redesign Decor Moulds® - Lavender Harvest

Redesign Decor Moulds® - Lavender Harvest

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DECOR MOULDS® – LAVENDER HARVEST – 1 PC, 5″X8″X8MM (12.7x20.32cmx8mm)

Create your own Lavender fields with the Lavender Harvest Decor Mould®.

Other tools you may need:
Easycast Fast Set Polyerethane
Graduated Beaker

The silicone mould can be used with resin, paper clay, modeling material, hot glue, and more. (Tip: All of Prima’s and Redesign’s moulds are food safe and heat safe…and can be used with melting chocolate, fondant, etc.)


Depending on which medium you are using, you may find that a very light dusting of cornflour in the mould helps it release easier, especially with the air dry clay which tends to be a little more moist than the paper clay.

Simply press into the mould and remove all excess so it is even and only the depressed parts are covered.

If using clays, they are best attached to you piece whilst still wet, as they can be shaped to fit your surface and will dry in place.  I like to put a coat of paint over mine, so that it slows the drying process and there tends to be less cracking.

I like the rustic look of a few cracks, but if you want a perfect finish, you can come back and fill in any cracks or imperfections with a little more clay and then paint again.

I like to use a flexible pva type glue that is available from Bunnings. 

You may also want check out our Ready-to-Use Resin Appliques mould from Redesign with Prima moulds.


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