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Resin Applique Moulding - Large Worker Bee and Honeycomb

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Worker Bee Resin Onlay / Applique Moulding

Approx 22cm wide. The edges are about 1cm thick with the centre being higher. Weighs approx 370grams

Who doesn't love the Bees. As a bee keeper, I certainly do and have several bee themed products on the way.  This is one of the larger ones.  I'm not sure if this little bee is cleaning up the honey or having a sneaky snack.

The resin can be sanded, drilled, painted and decorated. See the painted timber picture for some inspiration.

Attach with an appropriate strong glue for the size, such as hard as nails, or a contact adhesive

These are hand-made by myself and so slight variations in thickness or weight can occur, and come in the unpainted natural resin form.